Thursday, August 28, 2014

Perks of Loving a Lexus

Believe it or not, there are even more benefits to owning a Lexus other than just owning a Lexus! From the very moment you walk in the dealership all throughout your ownership, you’re guaranteed the special treatment! You are provided top-of-the-line dealership services before you drive off of the lot to ensure that you know how to take advantage of all of your Lexus’ features and every setting is just how you want it. Lexus also has partnered with hotels coast to coast to give you the special treatment as well! Whether it is discounted rates, complimentary meals or wine-sampling, being a Lexus owner makes both the drive and the destination even more luxurious! Lexus owners also receive special benefits at restaurants, Napa Valley wineries and discounts to Lexus-sponsored events! Being the owner of a Lexus ensures that you continue to live luxuriously both in and out of your Lexus!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Lexus-BMW Sports Car in the future?

Rumor has it that two of the leading brands in luxury vehicles (Lexus and BMW) are collaborating on the ultimate sports car (cool, right?). The car is supposedly being developed under the code name "Silk Road 2" (undoubtedly suitable for the seamless motor masterpiece that would follow). It is rumored to be the first plug-in hybrid sports car with a six-cylinder engine, unfortunately not said to see the light of day until 2018 or early 2019. While all of this talk is sheer speculation, who knows? Maybe there's a fleeting bit of rivalry reconciliation in the future.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gear up for School!

It is officially that time of the year! Time to send the kids back to school! While the thought of no longer having to entertain them day-to-day may be appealing, don't let it distract you from what's important: setting your child up for success at school and at home!

Here are some helpful tips to keep you and the kids from stressing about school:

Create a calendar central: When the kids are constantly coming home with papers and permission slips for tests and field trips, take a moment to denote them on one central calendar for the whole family! Whether it is soccer games or dance recitals, having one family calendar helps ensure that everyone is in synchrony throughout the year without constant conflicting schedules!

Target the morning madness: It is no news to any parent that the morning time can often be rushed and chaotic if everyone is running late or forgetting things! The night before, take some time to think over how you can keep the kids on track and off to school the next morning without any mishaps! Set out lunches, lay out their clothing, check for any missing homework or assignments before they scramble out the door the next morning! Maybe even create a checklist for each of your kids. This will not only help keep them organized now, but it will create a habit of organization for the future!

Clean up shop:Whether it is practicing your speed-cleaning, creating a filing system for each of your kid's paperwork or creating a meal plan, get your house in gear for the year! You would be amazed how much a little planning can go a long way and create important organizational habits!

We hope the school year is full of memories and growth for you and your kids! Make it a memorable one! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Features of the Lexus NX

The Lexus NX is Lexus' first dive into the compact crossover segments. It is aimed towards the urban and active lifestyle with its edgy design. The exterior design of the NX is meant to provide a feeling of agility that is not usually associated with an SUV, while also being suitable for urban use. The NX is designed to look nimble while hinting at the incredible power lying beneath the surface. Front and rear flares harmonize with the diamond-shaped body at the spindle grille, and  LED headlamps and daytime running lamps firmly express Lexus’ bold design language. The roofline peaks toward the rear of the vehicle, providing comfortable head-room. The flared wheel arches house 17 or 18 inch wheels that leave the NX in a muscular, crouching position. The interior of the Lexus NX is meant to compliment the urban, edgy exterior. It is designed with both comfort and quality alike. Advanced HMI (Human Machine Interface) is implemented in the NX, allowing for advanced and intuitive interaction between the driver and the Lexus. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Quick Gas-Saving Tips

With the first day of summer at our finger-tips, we have to begin planning for the activities that accompany it. One integral part of summer is the adventure! However exciting traveling on the road may be, it isn't free. With gas prices fluctuating unpredictably, we can safely say that budgeting for fuel is high up on the list of priorities. Keeping that in mind, here are some great tips to save you gas and money:

1) Check your air filter. A clean air filter can improve gas efficiency by up to 10%!

2) Align your tires. Tires that aren't properly aligned can result in your engine having to work harder than it would otherwise.

3) Take it slow. For every 5 miles per hour you reduce your speed, you can reduce your fuel consumption by 7%.

4) Keep it smooth. Jerky starts and stops can quickly add to your gas bill. Poor drivers can add an addition 1/3 on to their gas bill.

5) Take a break from the brake. Keeping your foot on the brakes can wear out your brake pads and increase your gas consumption by 35%

Small changes here and there may seem insignificant now, but when you find yourself stopping to fill up less frequently, you find out just how much they can add up. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Lexus Sales Heat Up

Interesting Bloomberg fact:

On a retail sales basis, excluding vehicle purchases by businesses, Lexus was the top-selling U.S. luxury brand in the first quarter of 2014

Lexus has been head-to-head in sales with competitors such as Mercedes and BMW. As the year 2014 hits its peak, sales begin to do the same. Lexus has outsold Mercedes in both March and May, leaving Lexus only 12,000 vehicles from outselling BMW. While there is still a great deal of work to do before out-performing BMW in sales, next year could prove to be rather interesting with vehicles such as the RC and the NX in the lineup! The NX includes unique features such as its panoramic glass sun-roof audio-improvement technology that could prove to its advantage when compared to competitors and also help push Lexus over the edge in sales.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

5 Fun Lexus Facts

Here are some interesting things you may not have known about the background of Lexus:

Fact 1
Lexus is a segment of the global giant Toyota Motor Corporation and the first Lexus cars were sold in the United States in 1989.

Fact 2
About 70 nations are part of Lexus’ target market, making it one of the most influential Japanese brands in any sector.

Fact 3
Lexus headquarters is located in Nagoya, Japan and has other operational headquarter locations in Brussels and Torrance.

Fact 4
The first officially launched Lexus car was the Lexus LS and it rolled out on the roads in the year 1989.

Fact 5
Since the time of the first launch, Lexus’ range of automobiles have expanded rapidly, having added more sedans, convertibles, sports utility vehicles and convertibles to our already impressive line-up.